Having problems using Invisible Thread?

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Sometimes using invisible thread can be very frustration. You must be concerned with tension settings to say nothing of the difficulty of threading your machine needle.

Invisible Thread

I have found that using Sulky Polyester Invisible thread is very user friendly as it isn’t stiff or ridged and it will allow you to iron it without heat issues.  To save yourself headaches always run a sample after you make any adjustments so that you can save yourself additional issues ahead. I generally lower the tension by one full number and test. Something to consider if you are going through many layers, such as in a quilt, you may have to make a few test runs to get a good stitch, adjusting one way or the other.

Using invisible thread in a bobbin can be very helpful especially when you are using lots of different colors on the top. Winding invisible thread onto a bobbin must be done at a very low speed so you do not stretch out this thread.

Lastly, threading your needle is just best done with you needle threader. There is no really easy way to controlling this very fine filament.  A stolen tip from Carol Ingram from Sulky of America is to lay the end of the invisible thread on a piece of paper and use a magic marker to now make that which was invisible – visible.
Happy Quilting!