Keep Those Scissors Sharp!

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Your favorite fabric scissors are one of the most important tools in your sewing kit. Keeping them sharp and ready to use contributes to the success and enjoyment of your creative projects. We know you want to take care of them and Sew-n-Such is here to help!

Every quarter, we bring in our expert sharpener to service your knives, scissors and yard tools. The next opportunity is Thursday, June 11. You may drop them off any time between now and Wednesday the 10th, 4PM at our Reno store. Please have them labeled and secured in a pillow case or wrapped in newspaper. They will be ready for pick up that Friday. We will give you a call with the amount.

So now that you have them all sharpened and ready to go, here are some tips for keeping them in tip-top shape!!

1. Keep them for fabric use only!

We know it’s so easy to just grab the nearest tool when you need them, but your prized fabric scissors should be kept strictly for use on fabrics, thread and  wireless ribbon. Keep an extra pair around for  use on patterns, wired ribbon, interfacing or any other, non-fabric use.

2. Keep ’em dry!

That steam from your iron is not good for your scissors. Your ironing board can retain moisture a lot longer than you think so avoid setting your scissors down on it.

3. Keep ’em clean!

Keep the fuzz, lint, and debris off the blades by gently wiping them down occasionally with a lint-free cloth.

4. Don’t drop them!

Keep those blades safe by doing your best not to let them fall on hard surfaces or even the carpet. This can throw the blades out of alignment.

5. Cut at the right spot.

Cutting thin fabrics and small areas like notches, using the tips of the scissors is great, but when cutting thick and heavy fabrics, rely on the part of the scissors where the two blades separate near the joint with the screw. Cutting heavy fabric with the tips can possibly pull the blades out of alignment.

6. Always avoid pins.

Enough said!

Enjoy your Memorial Weekend. Sew-n-Such will be closing at 3pm on Friday
the 22nd, closed all day on Saturday the 23rd and re-open on schedule
Tuesday, May 26th.