Thermore Batting (TMBY-45)
Thermore by Hobbs Bonded Fiber
Thermore® was originally designed for clothing and miniatures. It is exceptionally versatile and can be used successfully wherever low loft and stability is needed or preferred. Thermore® is made with 100% polyester and is surface treated with our own unique process, creating a polyester batting that is guaranteed not to beard or migrate. The Thermore® patented process is exclusively manufactured and distributed in the United States by Hobbs Bonded Fibers. This batting is excellent for hand or machine quilting and works well with light and dark fabrics. You can confidently machine, hand wash or dry clean your project. It may be quilted up to 9” apart and will not shrink. It is recommended that the quilt maker spend some time learning about this product before using it on a major project. Make samples using this batting to see how it launders and how it needles, both by hand and by machine, so that you can obtain the look you want in your final project. Size: 45" wide
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Bamboo Batting by the yard
Bamboo Batting
Bamboo is very soft with great drape, and it’s good for hand and machine quilting. A side benefit of this batting is that it tends to be more environmentally friendly and bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Sold by the yard.
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Warm Bond 80/20 by The Warm Company
Warm & Natural 80-20

Warm Bond is The Warm Company's 80/20 batting!

Warm Bond is made with a new and friendlier bonding method. The Warm Company has blended a unique bi-component polyester fiber with natural cotton fiber instead of the old bonding method requiring glue or resins to hold fibers together. This specially engineered fiber has an exterior designed to melt and bind the fibers together, while the center of the fiber remains solid. The natural cotton and polyester fibers are blended, layered and lightly needle punched forming the batt. Through a process known as "calendaring" the batt is then "S" wrapped through heated rollers, melting the exterior of the polyester fibers and binding them to the natural cotton. This process achieves an ultra-light weight batting ideal for summer quilts, hand quilting and especially great when you're doing heavy machine quilting as Warm Bond stays soft and supple. Quilt up to 5" apart. Warm Bond is more delicate than needle-punched batting, but with a little care it is perfect in frames and long arm machine quilting. Machine wash and dry once Warm Bond has been quilted. Warm Bond is perfect for Hand or Heavy/Long arm Machine Quilting
  • Naturally Clings to Fabric;
  • Contains No Resins or Glues;
  • Will Not Shift, Migrate, Bunch or Beard;
  • Quilt or Tie Leaving up to 6" Open;
  • Ultra Light-weight for Breatheable Warmth;
  • Once Quilted, Machine Wash & Dry.
Width: 90" Pre-Wash & Care Instructions Note that this step is optional. Expect a 3-5% shrinkage with the first wash. Use cold water to reduce shrinkage amount.
  • Hand Wash mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in washer.
  • Soak for 20 minutes, rinse several times.
  • Squeeze out water. DO NOT WRING. Rolling in a towel helps.
  • Dry in a warm dryer or lay flat to air dry.
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