Shipping charges within the United States

At this time, Sew-n-Such only ships in the United States. Nevada residents, sales tax will be added to your bill during the checkout process.

Order Total Shipping Cost
$0.01-$25.00 $7.99
$25.01-$50.00 $9.99
$50.01-$75.00 $12.99
$75.01-$100.00 $16.99
$100.01-$150.00 $21.99
$150.01-$250.00 $27.99
$250.01-$500.00 $34.99

Delivery Method

Sew-n-Such ships via USPS. We do our best to ship orders as quickly as possible, usually within 1–2 business days of receipt of your order. If your postal address is different from your physical address, please provide both when you place your order. Our standard method of shipment is US Mail with normal delivery time being 7–10 business days.

Other Information:

We also do our best to get your order shipped to you with everything you ordered. We do however make errors. If you are missing items from your order and there is no indication on the invoice/receipt that the item has been back-ordered, please e-mail or call us, and we will ship the item to you asap.